5 Props for a Fun and Exciting Engagement Photography Session

Engagement photos are great for capturing the exciting moments after a successful proposal. You are so in love, and anything you do just seems to escalate the romance. However, many couples usually show up to engagement photography sessions with a little bit of nerves.

Perhaps because this is the first time they’ll be professionally photographed. Nerves are normal. And they usually disappear fast as you begin to enjoy your fiancée’s company in your preferred wedding photo shoot location. Bringing pops that mean something to you as a couple can make you feel comfortable sooner.

Here are some ideas for pre-wedding photography props that will help you relax and let your personality shine during the shoot:
1. Bring your furry buddy

Your pet is not exactly a “prop”. But if you are a dog lover, bringing your pet to the shoot is a great way to get your mind off the camera. Your pet will also help you create authentic photos as she licks your face or responds to exciting commands. Make sure to carry some treats and toys to keep your pet in her best behavior. Of course your partner must also get along well with your puppy to avoid any chaos.

2. Use other domesticated animals

For nature-based photo shoots, you should consider the possibility of taking a few photos with other animals. Horses, monkeys, and trained elephants can make the session quite exhilarating. Alternatively, you can visit a petting zoo where different animals invoke various emotions.

3. Picnic Setup

Doing an enjoyable activity together is another brilliant way to loosen up and feel comfortable during the shoot. Consider having a picnic or building a fire to roast marshmallows. The natural scene also allows for a wide range of poses – sitting or lying down. You can also pop a bottle of champagne, get some ice cream cones, or go wine tasting for more activity.

4. Transportation

Bikes, cars, trains, and other means of transportation allow you to make the scene more dynamic. Vintage bicycles with baskets and vintage cars are popular options. Remember to dress appropriately to match the vintage vibe.

5. Instruments

Guitars, violins, drums, pianos, and other instruments add a feeling of romance to any photo session. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate them in your shots, from wide images that capture the background to close-ups that focus on details. Just make sure that your attire corresponds to the instrument of choice. For instance, leather jackets go well with electric guitars for a rock n roll theme.

Final Note

Keep in mind that props are only an addition to the shoot – to add fun and creativity. They should not distract you from your partner. Don’t focus so much on that vintage sports car or adorable puppy. Instead, loosen up and let your personality shine.