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Chelsea Michael PhotographyChellise Michael Photography is run by a group of NYC wedding photographers that are blood family. The company is made up of four wedding photographers in New York, New York and couples can hire either Daniel & Sarah or Mike & Chellise.

Of the four of them none are a wedding videographer. Despite not offering wedding videography services they still provide the best NYC wedding photography.



Chelsea Michael Photography

Services Offered:

Each top NYC wedding photographer that makes up Chellise Michael Photography can be hired for local weddings or destination weddings. Interested couples will have to contact the studio directly to receive a list of the packages offered. Due to their being famous in the New York wedding industry and beyond they only allow a certain number of bookings per year.

The prices for booking them vary depending on which duo a couple hires. Chellise & Mike charge higher rates than Sarah & Daniel do. They will make an effort to offer an affordable option to any couple who wants to work with them. Couples can also hire Chellise Michael Photography to take their engagement portrait. It is possible for couples to purchase both printed and digital pictures from their studio.

Why to Choose Them:

One way in which Chellise Michael Photography stands out from other wedding photography companies is that they do not photograph couples in fun poses. They take their work very seriously and they ask that their clients do the same. This means they stick to the standard poses that are most often used in wedding photos. They do this to add a touch of class and elegance to the work that they do.

(917) 974-5129
Business hours are by appointment only
56 Bogart Street
Suite 3J
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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