Your Engagement Ring Gleams in All Your Lovely Photographs

So you have finally decided to take your relationship into another level. It is engagement proposal time and you need some photos to serve as a future reminder. Probably, this is the first time you and your fiancé are in front of a professional camera together.

Everyone already has their expectations about the session. Stuff like holding still, trying so hard not to blink, and awkward poses keep coming to your mind. 

If you took time to find the right photographer, the session will be a success. By the end of it all you will have fallen more in love with your would-be spouse. To do it right, here are few tips from those who have been through the experience.

Always choose comfortable outfits. Uncomfortable outfits will spoil the occasion for you. It is not yet your wedding day so you do not have a strict code of dressing. There are no rules on what or how to dress but make sure your choice is comfortable and smart. 

Do not forget your engagement rings. Since you have planned this all this time, you should already have your engagement rings. On the day of making the proposal, they are the first item you put in your pocket.

It would turn out to be a disappointment when one of your knees has touched the ground only to notice you left the proposal ring at home. 

Choose between outdoors and photography studio. There is a choice you will have to make. Do you prefer an outdoor engagement or you would rather do it in photo studio? The preference is yours.

But from experience, outdoors tend to be more dramatic and the best to capture the emotions. Choose a great location. You could use some help from a wedding photography expert with the choice of a location. 

Meet in person with your fiancé before the session. At the safety of your home, you can cuddle and kiss without any problem, but before a professional photographer, it is totally a different game.

If time allows, meet earlier before the session. You can practice the poses and all that you expect to do. You may not get it 100% perfect but it will help during the real session.

Your engagement proposal is like a rehearsal to your wedding. If you could successfully pull through the photo session, you can expect even better on your wedding day. Taking the photos would also prepare you for the big day, so make sure everything falls in place at this early stage.